Build a Turbine!

  1. Select and drag each part over a blue number.
  2. If it is over the correct number, it will snap into place.
  3. When all 4 parts are in the correct position, click the TURBINE READY button to generate electricity.

Turbines Generate Electricity

Much of the electricity we use at school, home and work is made at three main types of power plants:

  • hydroelectric plants
  • fossil fuel steam plants
  • nuclear steam plants

This is an illustration showing the turbine blades, shaft, magnet and metal coil in a turbine.In addition to these main three types, electricity is also generated using the sun, wind and even heat from inside the earth.

In each of the main three types of power plants, water or steam is used to turn a special type of fan called a turbine.

The turbine is connected to a rotating shaft.

The other end of the shaft is connected to a magnet, which turns with the shaft.

The spinning magnet turns inside a coil of wire.

Magnetic lines of force from the spinning magnet create an electrical current inside the coil of wire.

The electrical current created in the coil is sent by wires to the places where electricity is needed.

Click the “Begin” button above to build an electric turbine.